When Black Parents Have White Children

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    Every parent-to-be is worried about their child being born healthy. But to see your child for the first time, and think ‘Is this really my child?’ is fortunately something that the majority of us will never have to contemplate. So, if you know that a) your partner has definitely not cheated (DNA tests may need to be done!) and b) there was no mix-up at the fertility clinic, then some parents are left scratching their heads at the mystery that nature launches upon them.

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    Little Nmachi, born blue-eyed and blonde haired, has left her parents in a state of shock. “We both just sat there after the birth staring at her,” Dad Ben, 44 said, jokingly adding “is she mine?” Their two children kept coming over to look at Nmachi. Their two year old daughter Dumebi is too young to understand, but their eldest son Chisom, who is four, is still confused as Mum and Dad try to explain why Nmachi is white.

    Her name means ‘Beauty of God’ in Nigeria where both parents originated. As of yet, there is no explanation. Neither of them know that they have any white ancestry. “All that matters is that she is healthy, and that we love her.”

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